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LOS ANGELES' #1 LUXURY TEAM | WSJ & Forbes #1 Team LA | Cherie Iseppi Ranked in the Top 10% of Sales with AKG 2020 | #10 WSJ team in the Nation | AKG $14+ Billion in Total Sales | AKG 2021 Sales $1.3B

What do you love about real estate and why?

"My experience has been keeping successful, eccentric and very powerful people, calm and confident. I transcend all of this into a successful real estate deal." "A home is a very personalized quest, and I feel the passion to listen and connect clients to this."

Cherie Iseppi Ranked in the Top 10% of Sales with AKG 2020  | #1 Luxury Team in LA | AKG #10 WSJ Team in the Nation

AKG | $14+ Billion in Total Sales - 2021 Annual Sales $1.3B​​​​​​

Being a world traveler, there were a lot of times in my life I found myself without a true home base. In all of these events, through work or interests of my own, I had an opportunity to travel around the world with several different types of friends, families, cultures, societies and class. All conditional and varying on my age and present success. The one thing I found that I connected with the most was the opportunity to be invited into someone’s home. And the one thing I found in common was experiencing the passion of what it meant to have a home.

Regardless of who, what, where, when and why. The passion is universal. The importance and value in people’s lives of having a base and home is what I found moving, and what directed me to truly care about the process of real estate. Leading people to those endless moments and memories shared. To invite a new friend into a place called home.

It became my greatest passion to see, feel and experience other people finding their place to live in this world. The chance to find or reinvent themselves, build on the amazing family they developed, or to just be grounded and reflect in a place they could find daily peace.

Desire and need lead to the deepest passions. I’ve transformed this into my own career. I’ve experienced the world and its’ varied amazement. Mostly created by people’s unique expression of what they find suited to their vision at the time. Each home is a culmination of expressions of the people who created them.

I love the excitement of discovery and research, sourcing properties, land, architecture, interiors, landscaping and different climates. Everything that leads people to a different sensory experience of life, and the combination of all of those things in one unique spot and location of the world - the integration of life!

Also coming from a world of C-level corporate experience and being a CFO, I can transcend work ethic and one way to be truly effective is by ‘knowing and doing your job’ with daily perseverance in providing leadership, direction and management of finance, and offering a trusted base of knowledge to clients. Also the experience of keeping everything in line, liaising with a multitude of levels of people, with zero room for error and nothing falling through the cracks, and what it takes to hold a corporation together with regards to data, documents and compliance, and seeing through a deal/job/task/or conversation from start to finish.

My experience and proven ability to negotiate, be a gatekeeper, truly care about wants and needs, to listen and research, all with effective multitasking actions is what buyers/sellers can value for their multimillion dollar investments. I also bring years of maintaining an important habit of managing confidential and time sensitive information, using discreet communication. I love motivating teamwork for all on the deal, and practicing strong diplomacy, inspiring non-emotional, rational, educated decisions between the potential 2 parties entitled to buy or sell. Really getting to know people and their needs by building their trust, by being honest, and following through on my word.

My experience has been keeping successful, eccentric and very powerful people, calm and confident. I transcend all of this into a successful real estate deal.

20+ Years of Professional Experience


Jan 2015 – Present | Malibu, CA

Anthem Entertainment Group

Jan 2016 – Aug 2016 | Santa Monica, CA

​​​​​​​Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

Jan 2009 – Nov 2015 | Beverly Hills, CA

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Cherie provides clients with a personalized, timely and in-depth analysis of the Malibu and Greater Los Angeles Area real estate market conditions, along with her local Malibu knowledge, as a resident of 10 years.
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